Assorted & Sundry

A mix of Covie Covid, aka Covid-19, comics that are rockin’ their respective vibe but don’t quite fit on any other page. The Covid Cast Page give many characters on this site an opportunity to introduce themselves and give a bio and links to comics in which they star. Some of the comic characters that have cameos here include FEAR, Toilet Paper, Heart Disease, and Tuberculosis.

Television Coverage

Covid-19 television coverage in this comic includes promos for “Covie Covid: The Vegetable Dweller”, Salt Safety, etc.


Diseases gossip in a comic about their opportunities and jealousies caused by humans' obsession for Covie Covid, aka Covid-19.

The Race

Announcer calling a race between Covie Covid, aka Covid-19, and other comic characters including FEAR and TP.

In the Scale of Things

Covie Covid, aka Covid-19, is compared to some comic characters but makes less of an impact than TP, FEAR, unemployment, etc.

Table of Death

Covid-19 is a killer, but the piles of death certificates on the table in this comic show many other killers exist too.


Covie Covid, aka Covid-19, on the faces of comic characters, some masked some not; all have normal body temps when tested.

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